Organic Icelandic Yoghurt

What is Skyr

For over a thousand years the people of Iceland have been making skyr, throughout that time it has become an integral part of Icelandic culture and cuisine. Jump forward to the 21st Century and skyr is fast becoming a popular product across the globe.

ESJA Skyr is fat free and high in protein, making skyr a great part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Available in four delicious organic flavours, our skyr is tasty on its own or you can combine it with some fresh fruits, granola nuts and seeds, come and follow us on social media for some easy serving suggestions and ideas.

Each 380ml tub of skyr contains a litre of milk, we know that happy cow make the best milk. That’s why all of our products are made with organic British milk. Esja Skyr is a Soil Association certified organic product.

Our flavours